Olang Ziller OC Tex Ladies Winter Boots


£ 130.00

Olang is known for its excellent line of snow boots. These exceptional snow boots can withstand even the cold and wet winter months, leaving your feet dry and warm. These snow boots are not only waterproof but they are also breathable. The soles are made from high quality rubber and are equipped with special OC traction control giving you excellent grip in all winter conditions The Olang Ziller OC is a comfortable boot made of polyester. The sole has a Olantex membrane which makes the boot is completely waterproof yet still remain breathable. The snow boots have a special OC system, which gives you anti-skid capabilities. The system consists of two brackets that are incorporated into the sole. The brackets have a special key which when 'flipped' makes small spikes appear, providing even better grip on slippery and wet surfaces. The spikes can easily be "laid back" again after use. Furthermore the lined calf area will ensure warm feet.