About Us

Banks of Perth Logo One of Scotlandís oldest retail businesses still run by the same family. Founded by James Banks, in 1831, manufacturing and retailing ropes, cords and nets for farming and commercial salmon fishing.

Grandson James Banks took over the firm on his return from the first world war, closing the rope manufacturing and diversifying into alternative lines including tents, camping equipment and canvas products.

David Banks, former Scottish Ski Champion, joined the company in 1950. He started skiing in 1952 and rebuilt the shop in 1961 to incorporate a snow ski department. In 1971 the firm moved into larger premises to accommodate the increasing business. The partnership of David and Muriel Banks were later joined by their daughter Rona, on her retirement from international ski racing. She now manages the present company. The family have been fortunate with their staff, some of whom have been with us for many years and this experience proves invaluable to our customers.

We are all passionate about the great outdoors, whether it be skiing, hill walking, sailing, camping, caravanning, cycling or fishing, therefore, we test many of the products that we sell and can advise with confidence.