Highlander Triplex Compact Stove


£ 36.95

The perfect combination of compact and powerful, the Triplex is a folding stove designed for backpackers, wild campers, and anyone else looking to travel light and cook great meals in the outdoors. The adjustable pot legs fold out to give you a wide base which can support a large cooking pot securely, folding down when you have finished into a compact package for easy stowing. A Piezo ignition makes it easy to light in all weathers, making the Triplex a great stove to take on your adventures. PACK LIGHT Weighing just 225g and folding into an extremely compact size, ideal for stashing in your backpack and taking up little room. STRONG FLAME It is easy to control the flame on this stove, with a Piezo ignition and a gas flow valve with allows you to adjust the strength of the flame. STABLE PLATFORM The wide legs of this stove have moulded feet to provide extra grip on rough surfaces to keep large pots and pans stable during cooking.