Dynastar E4 x 4  3 including Express 11 binding

Dynastar E4 x 4 3 including Express 11 binding


was £ 375.00
£ 325.00

The women's Dynastar E 4x4 3 ski expands your terrain options with a wider platform and easy-handling feel. Their Hybrid Core uses a blend of wood and polyurethane to absorb vibration and gives the ski a smooth ride. Its supple flex lets beginner and intermediate skiers venture into more terrain and enjoy varied snow conditions with confidence.

Rocker moderate tip only. It facilitates the flat pivot while combining softness and tolerance in the curves. The rocker is moderated so that as soon as the ski is on the edge, the ski works in curve on the whole length of contact of the edges.

CENTRAL SIDEWALL CONSTRUCTION Sandwich construction in the middle of the ski, the sidewalls under the foot of the skier bring performance and precision.

SINTERERED BASE offers a good balance of glide and durability. 3D PROFILE The 3D Profile Technology optimize the ski's profile with reinforced areas to conduct energy from the center of the ski to the tip and tail.

158cms : 122-76-106 R13m