Multimat Adventure 4 XL Folding Foam Mat

Multimat Adventure 4 XL Folding Foam Mat


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Multimat Adventure 4 XL folding mat is a robust & waterproof sleep mat that is ideal for storage in rucksack/Bergen. This Foam Mat was added to the Multimat range in response to interest from military and adventure focused outdoor enthusiasts seeking an ultra-durable, mat to provide an essential layer of insulation and protection from the ground with no risk of puncture.

When not in use for sleeping, the carefully designed mould pattern allows for various folding configurations to create a protective pad of optimum size and thickness for resting, sitting, kneeling or for extra rucksack padding. Compact when folded, but generously long and wide (185cm x 55.5cm) when open the Adventure 4 XL ticks all the boxes for even the tallest adventurer!

Ultra durable 70kg/m3 polyolefin foam Flexible folding moulded design Weight: 530g Pack Size: 38 x 27.5 x 4cm Size: 185 x 55.5 x 4 cm