Balance Plus 404 1/4" Slide Curling Shoe

Balance Plus

£ 195.00

The Balance plus 404 Curling Shoe has an athletic styling with specific detail to performance. The 400 series is one of the most up to date models, designed for the club and competitive curler. Thickness of the sole is 1/4 inch teflon with the Balance Plus finish. making it medium/fast. Toe coated.Split D slider unless otherwise stated. 404: 1/4″ (6.35mm) two piece BalancePlus Slider fastest slider for competitive/experienced and confident curlers which comes with a coated trailing toe

Features: Leather upper Lightweight sole Padded Collar Thinsulate interlining Plain toe design Two sets of removable insoles for more fitting options Two extra sets of laces in red & grey included Built-in gripper sole