Wayfarer Foods

Wayfarer Foods •Wayfayrer meals are ready to eat, hot or cold. If heating in boiling water food ready in 7-8 minutes, 12-15 with “self heater”. No need to slave over a stove cooking for hours. •Pre-cooked in the foil pouch, no need the keep refrigerated, hygienic and no chance of contamination. •Wide choice of meals to suit all tastes. •No need to carry extra water for cooking, keep carried weight down. •Water for reheating can be straight from the tap, lake/river. It is warming the food and will not be consumed. •No need to wash up those pans, just eat straight from the pouch! •Fully hydrated, will not dehydrate the body. •Robust flexible packaging, can easily be packed around other contents of a pack or bag. •High in nutrients, great for active people on the hill. •3 year life, if not used this time take it next time. •Wayfayrer is the choice of the MOD for our armed forces.