Fizan FIZAN has always been respectful of the environment and use only recyclable materials. To further this commitment, they have invested in and use a photovoltaic system for the production of alternative energy (about 50 kw of power). This gives FIZAN around 60% of its power needs, avoiding the annual emission into the atmosphere of around 35.000 kg of CO2. FIZAN also assures that all its “Made in Italy” production complies with all European rules concerning the forbidden use of dangerous chemical ingredients within the production process. QUALITYIn both Trekking and Winter poles, the aluminium and the carbon tubes are at the heart of the product. For this reason FIZAN uses only highest quality, strongest and most durable materials. The 3 aluminium alloys used (7001-7075-6013) are all tempered and supplied by certificated suppliers. The High grade carbon used in Fizan poles assures a great combination of both lightness and strength.All size marks on telescopic pole are made with laser technolog