Gipron Gipron is a family-owned company currently run by the fourth generation members of the family. Its traditional activities have always been the design and manufacture of sports equipment. Giuseppe Pronzati, the founder, started out working with a group of craftsmen in Milan in 1917, and continued to be active there, meeting with increasing success, until World War II. The company’s facilities were destroyed during the heavy bombings on Milan, but some pieces of machinery and partially fabricated products could be salvaged and moved to the countryside at the north-west of the city. After the war, and not without some difficulties, the company returned to production. The revival took place in the outskirts of Vanzago, where the company’s premises and shops are still located. Historically, Gipron has produced roller skates, ski bindings and ski poles, all carrying the Gipron trademark. Then it begun specializing in the design and manufacture of poles specifically studied for the various sports disciplines. In the recent years it has successfully developed a line of orthopedic products and entered agreements for the distribution of a few sports apparel and equipment brands. Gipron has never considered production delocalization an option and has always remained faithful to the values intrinsic to “made in Italy”. Consequently, it has always made every effort and invested important resources in research and development, constantly aiming at quality. Gipron now possesses a know-how dating back to many decades, and is the owner of patents that make its products extremely competitive on the international market.

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