Soto Amicus with Stealth Igniter

Soto Amicus with Stealth Igniter

SOTO Outdoors

£ 39.95

“Soto makes extremely good stoves and the Amicus is no exception.” (Phillip Werner, Section Hiker)

I’m a stove collector and I recently bought an Amicus and just got to see the leg unfolding mechanism. The way it uses a sprung rivet that lets the leg rotate and catch on the pivot is a very clever design! I’m surprised that none of the stove reviewers caught it but it is an excellent design since it deploys quickly, locks securely and easily folds back down by just gently pushing it off the latch. This is not to mention it folds up to be very compact without the legs flipping out when it is put back into the stuff sack. It really is a design worthy of praise. Eugene C.

SOTO’s first low cost stove with high-end performance. Hidden electric line for igniter. Light weight, compact and shock resistant with improved ignition. Unique raised ledge at the crown of the burner head combined with a concave burner surface for increased performance under windy conditions. Spring-loaded pot supports are engineered for easy set up and pot stability.

“The Soto Amicus is a great all-weather stove and unarguably the best canister stove I have used thus far. It has definitely earned a top spot in my gear closet.” (Brian Hartman, )