Nordica Promachine 105 W Ski Boots


£ 400.00

With a slightly softer and more forgiving flex than the 115, the Promachine 105 combines high-performance technology with a comfort-oriented women’s specific fit. By using softer liner materials and by articulating the rear cuff of the shell, thus providing more calf space, you are put in a more neutral stance, which decreases fatigue and preserves energy. Energetic and reactive, it employs an anatomical light-weight, low-volume 98mm last shell which closely mimics the foot shape for a comfortable and precise fit. The shell and 3D liner can be customized using infrared heating, allowing for an even more precise fit and, therefore, a more responsive boot. For a high performance boot that women can use to seamlessly take their skiing from groomers to steep bump runs, the 105 is the perfect fit. Soles: 5354 PU (extra sales kit: WTR Gripwalk, Canted lifters) Shell: Bimat PU, Easy-Entry Soft Flap Cuff: Bimat PU (W) Footprint: PEFORMANCE FIT PRIMALOFT Liner: ISOTHERM 3D CORK FIT W PRIMALOFT Buckles: 4 MICRO ALU Spoiler: YES Powerstrap: 45 MM Canting: DOUBLE It is a 98mm last, 105 Flex and low volume fit.