Multimat Superlite 25s

Multimat Superlite 25s


was £ 64.50
£ 49.95

The Superlite 25 S is an extra-small extra-light self-inflating sleeping mat, designed like its full sized brother for ultra-light and ultra-compact competitive challenges and backpacking.

The difference is, of course that this mat is shorter making it even lighter and even more compact when carried - and who could resist one of the lightest sleeping mats in the world?

Incredibly, it rolls up to the size of a packet of biscuits and weighs about the same!

Yet it still provides vital cushioning and thermal insulation from the cold hard ground and it is fast to fully self-inflate and deflate so you can set up or break camp quickly.

If you are going to extremes in weight reduction and want an extra-small extra-light self-inflating mat, the Superlite 25 S has got to be the mat of your choice.