Line Sick Day Skis with Salomon Warden 13 Bindings

Line Sick Day Skis with Salomon Warden 13 Bindings


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The LINE Sick Day 95 great all rounder fantastic fun. Slightly more rigid than the 110 and 102, the 95 is an all-mountain ski poised for speed and bred for steepness both on piste and all over the resort. As Sick Day mastermind Jeff Curry says, “Getting back on a directional ski has brought me back to the feeling that made me first fall in love with skiing.” Charge Sick LINEs all over the mountain on the Sick Day 95 – cause that’s what “calling in sick” means, right? SPECS: Waist Width mm: 95 Length cm: 172, 179, 186 Shape mm: 130-95-115 Sidecut m: 18 (179cm) Stance mm: -70 Weight: 1,852 g/ski (179cm) Profile mm: 7-5-5 (Tip Early Rise-Camber-Tail Early Rise)


Maplelite Macroblock™ Core MAPLELITE MACROBLOCK™ CORE Solid Maple under foot with light weight Aspen at the tips for durability & reduced swing weight. CAPWALL™ Cap on the top for light & responsive performance, combined with sidewall over the edges for a smooth solid feel.

EARLY RISE™ The rise in the tip starts earlier for effortlessly staying on top of the snow without needing to sit back.

EARLY TAPER™ The widest point of sidecut starts tapering earlier in the tip to reduces tail drag and hooking in powder.

DIRECTIONAL FLEX™ The softer tip floats & initiates turns easily while the stiffer tail provides reliable powerful turn exits, & stability.

FIVECUT™ 5 different sizes of sidecut radius shapes are blended into one, for intuitive control & unlimited turn shapes. THIN TIP™ Super thin core & sidewall in the tips are 100grams lighter per pair for reduced swing weight & tip bounce. comes with Salomon Warden 13 Bindings