Highlander Fastboil 1.1L Stove


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When you only want to carry the 1 item. The only stove you’ll ever need in the wilds, the Fastboil is true to its name and can boil water in a matter of minutes. The stove is designed to be compact and fit snugly inside the pot along with stand and 100g gas cartridge, making this ideal for lightweight campers and backpackers for whom space is a premium. It is easy to use in any conditions, avoiding the normal problems of lighting stoves in strong winds, as the Piezo ignition and heat transmitters ignite and protect the flame, reducing heat loss, making this a highly efficient stove to use. Featuring a pot stand to allow the use of much bigger pots if cooking for the family, a stabiliser that clips onto the gas cartridge, and two insulating sleeves in different colours, this stove will allow you to scratch your caffeine itch wherever you are. Size 1.1L Material Hard anodised aluminium Compatibility With 100g or 450g valved gas cartridge Handle Butterfly design silicone covered handles Includes Insulating body sleeve, pot stand, stabiliser and carry bag

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