Leki Legacy Lite Trekking Poles

Leki Legacy Lite Trekking Poles


£ 64.95

The Leki Legacy Lite trekking poles are made of lightweight, sturdy aluminium and offer the necessary stability, durability and plenty of comfort for your trekking experience. The poles are equipped with the Leki SpeedLock+ system that can be easily and quickly adjusted even with gloves or cold hands under difficult conditions such as ice or snow. The ergonomically shaped Evocon CorTec handles made from a natural cork mix are sweat-absorbing, heat-insulating, cushioning and offer a good grip. Other features include a removable trekking basket.

The Lite is a lighter version of the standard hugely successful Leki Legacy with a shorter overall length and thinner shaft diameter that's better suited to users under 81kg / 180lbs.

Weight: 250 g per pole