Goodyear Stream Wellington Boot


£ 59.95

The Stream welly has flexible neoprene to keep you warm, truly a superior style of wellington which has been very popular since it was released. Made by Goodyear tire & rubber company the strength and longevity of this Wellington is a key feature. The Stream has a padded insole and 4 mm neoprene lining is perfectly designed for the cold harsh British weather, use in Bogs, Creeks, Rivers and General Farming and stay warm and dry. Also ideal for Shooting, Beating, Fishing and Deer Stalking etc. Material: Upper Made From Insultaing Waterproof Rubber Lining: 4mm Neoprene Lining Heel And Sole: Deep Cleated Rubber Sole Fastenings: Adjustable Calf Strap Main Features: Thick Cushioned Insole Absorbs Shock Extras: Lining Stretches Allowing Personalised Fit

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