Fenix RC 20

Fenix RC 20


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RC20 lights up into the distance with its 1000 lumen maximum output delivering a 290 metre beam range. One-handed operation via dual tail switches delivers superb tactical ability and easily activates 4 brightness levels plus Strobe, momentary-on function and mode shifting. Dual mode operation enables the Fenix RC20 to satisfy the demands of law enforcement, search and rescue & everyday use, etc.

Fenix RC20 features 2 modes as follows:

General Mode: Turbo-High-Mid-Low-Strobe Simplified Mode: Turbo-Mid-Strobe

Mode Switching With the light on, press the mode switch over 3 seconds, the LED will flash twice then constant-on. The light will shift between General mode and Simplified mode.

With a tailored 2600 mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery and standard USB charging cradle plus UK mains adaptor, Fenix RC20 simplifies charging your flashlight. Whether the charging cradle is fixed to a wall for mains charging or placed in your car and charged via USB, you only need to snap in the flashlight. The indicator light in the neck of the flashlight then indicates charging (red) and charged (green) status.

Fenix RC20 performance:

Turbo: 1000 lumens (1h 10 min), High: 425 lumens (2h 55 min) Mid: 150 lumens (9h 50 min), Low: 10 lumens (120h), Strobe: 1000 lumens

Battery Level Indicator With the light off, single-click the mode switch, the indicator light (in the middle of the charging contact) in the neck of the flashlight will be on for 3 seconds. Green light constant-on: sufficient power level Red light constant-on: low power level Red light flashes: critical power level