Leki LEKI practices sound environmental practices in both manufacturing and transportation. To prepare for the application of graphics, aluminum poles are ground instead of using toxic chemical degreasers. The anodizing process is so clean; fish could swim safely in the water effluent. The powder coating process is emissions-free, and excess goes back into production. LEKIís lacquer is water-based, free from heavy metals, and meets strict European environmental standards. A high percentage of poles sent in for warranty are repaired using replacement sections and are returned to the customer. It is one way we keep LEKI poles in the hands of the owner and out of the waste stream. Product is received in the U.S. from the main factory in recycled corrugated boxes with minimal packing materials. These shipping boxes are emptied and then reused when transporting poles to specialty retailers nationwide. All excess and scrap cardboard is reclaimed and recycled for further usage. When it comes to preparing marketing materials for trade shows, LEKI lowers its carbon footprint by printing locally. Files are e-mailed to the closest printer, thus saving hundreds of dollars and gallons of fuel consumed in shipping heavy brochures and catalogs across the U.S. Since 1990, LEKI USA has embraced the spirit of the mountain environment by supporting a host of non-profit organizations that are dedicated to protecting and conserving the outdoors. LEKI USA partners with the American Park Network, trail clubs along the Appalachian, Continental Divide, and Pacific Crest trails, and parks belonging to the National Recreation and Parks Association. Leki make some world class poles in both skiing and hillwalking.