Keeble Care

Keeble Care Keeble Agencies was formed in 1986 to provide specialist independent sales and marketing services to developing companies in the outdoors trade. Having worked with some of the biggest names in the industry such as Chris Brasher (Brasher Boots) Merrell Footwear, Vaude, and Lifemarque, the company continues to represent the interest of two major outdoor companies, Tilley Endurables and Snugpak in the South East of England.

In late 2009 Keeble Agencies took on responsibility for the UK sales, marketing and distribution of the Care Plus range of Insect Repellents, Mosquito Nets, First Aid Kits and Travel Hygiene products. Care Plus is the brand name of mainland Europe’s leading travel healthcare distributor Tropicare. In early 2011 Keeble Agencies finalised an agreement to take on sale and distribution to the outdoor trade of the Pure Hydration range of water purification products, including the remarkable Aquapure Traveller water purification drinking bottle. Since then Keeble Agencies have also taken on distribution of the Incognito range of natural repellents and hygiene products, GEHWOL Footcare and Simply Hunters luggage labels.

In 2014 we rebranded the company as KeebleCare to reflect both sides of our business – our travel health products that enable people to care for themselves and our customer service, where we always aim to provide the highest levels of care to our retail customers.

KeebleCare is a family run business, our objectives are to provide a friendly and efficient link between the manufacturer and retailer and, by serving the best interests of both, create and maintain a happy and profitable working relationship. Stability, integrity and reliability are the key factors in our continued success, but we believe that a passion and belief in the products, plus a sense of fun and love for what we do makes us a rare commodity and so much easier to deal with.