Classic Canes

Classic Canes based in Somerset, England. Established in 1982, we supply walking sticks, folding canes, seat sticks and umbrellas to a wide variety of retailers in over 40 countries around the world. Many of our rustic sticks are grown and manufactured in our own woodlands. Other items are made to our designs at the best factories in the UK and abroad. Known for the style, quality and elegance of our walking sticks, we believe firmly that these practical, functional objects should also be attractive accessories. New walking sticks are introduced every year, ensuring that Classic Canes remains at the forefront of the walking stick industry. Our extensive range includes walking sticks of all kinds, from competitively priced everyday sticks to fine collectors' canes. We provide detailed personal advice and support, to ensure each stockist has a selection of our walking sticks, seat sticks and umbrellas that is perfect for their business and clientele. If you are a retailer, we hope our website will inspire you to consider stocking Classic Canes walking sticks in your shop, mail order catalogue or website. We do not supply the public, so if you want to buy one of our products for yourself or as a present, please visit our Stockists

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