Snugpak  Softie Expansion 2 sleeping Bag

Snugpak Softie Expansion 2 sleeping Bag


£ 94.95

The New SnugPak Expansion 2 sleeping bag comes in at 1200g and pack size is 24cms x 18cms.Length standard at 220cms. Temperature rating is Comfort 2 degrees and low is -3 degrees. Integrated Torch - Innovative torch in hood,can be removed. - Reflectartherm Technology - Reflects and retains heat. - Thermal Suede - Snug Foot lining for warmth. - Chisel shaped foot - For extra comfort. - EEP (Elasticated Expander Panel) - Increase the width of the bag when needed. - Anti-Snag Zip - Helps prevent the zip from getting stuck. - SoftieŽ Insulation - Snugpak exclusive insulation. - Snugfit Hood - Helps keep drafts out and heat in. - Clips - Can be used to shorten the sleeping bag.