Volkl Racetiger RC Red with VMotion 12 GW Binding

Volkl Racetiger RC Red with VMotion 12 GW Binding


£ 630.00

Volkl`s entry-level giant slalom racer with Full Sidewall and Full Sensor wood core. The brand new vMotion3 binding with Grip Walk compatibility adds fantastic power transfer to this speed-loving tip rocker ski. TECHNOLOGIES vMotion 12 GW. UVO. Full Sensor Woodcore. Powered by Steel. Full Sidewall. UVO is the first freely rotating, 360 vibration damper to apply cutting-edge vibration dampening technology in order to minimize disruptive ski vibration.

The terrain below the ski inevitably generates vibrations, which in turn set the shovel into motion. This significantly disrupts the smoothness of the ski-ride, and makes it harder to hold an edge. The revolutionary UVO technology works against this, through proven dampening in the form of reduced vibrations in the horizontal and vertical directions as well as along the length of the ski. The full sensor construction features hard wood in the binding area but - contrary to the speedwall wood core - under the screws and in the outer areas a lighter wood. This results in a very sporty and agile skiing characteristics. The steel layer in the ski provides very good durability, controlled flex and smooth skiing at faster speeds.With full length sidewalls you get direct and strong powertransmission through the ski. 165 15.4 119-72-101 170 16.4 119-72-101 175 17.5 119-72-101

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