Sidas Winter Ski Custom Insole

Sidas Winter Ski Custom Insole

Sidas Conformable

£ 65.00

The Sidas Custom Ski Insole is a custom-fit insole that can be specially heat-molded to your feet, guaranteeing tailored comfort and support whilst wearing your ski boots. Proper foot support helps to improve body alignment which, in turn, aids in reducing any aches and pains. With the Custom Ski Insole from Sidas, you will have a custom-fit, specialist insole that provides the perfect amount of support for your feet. This will make your ski boots even more comfortable and will allow you to push your skiing to the next level.

When paired with Sidas Heel Stabilizers (sold separately), these Sidas Custom Ski Insoles provide you with maximum performance, for skiing and snowboarding. The Winter Custom Ski is a flat insole, 100% customizable to the morphology of the foot, thanks to the Custom technology, by thermoforming. This customization can be done only in store, to take the fingerprints of your feet. Built for sports veteran in search of a 100% made for you and for your sport.

These custom insoles can only be fitted & customised by our trained staff in store so please do not purchase these online, unless you’re able to come into our store & have them fitted. If you would like to do this, please contact us to book an appointment for in store fitting.