Omm Classic 32 Lightweight Rucksack

Omm Classic 32 Lightweight Rucksack


was £ 100.00
£ 85.00

The OMM Classic 32 Backpack is a extremely versatile rucksack and is ideal for a wide range of activities. The light weight is achieved without strength loss by means of the OMM Leanweight™ chassis. OMM backbacks feature a unique method of customisation and stripping OMM Adventure Packs to their minimum LeanWeight. In the Classic 32 Backpack, the back padding can be removed for a lighter weight, and can also double up as a sleepmat or sitpad.

The backpack features OMM's OTMA (On the Move Accessibility), giving you speed and efficiency on the hill. All your items are where you want them, in easy-to-reach places so you can focus on your training. The OMM leanweight link system has 4 discreet or semi hidden link points on almost all packs.

A Universal Gear Rail (UGR) is a strap located across the bag that features loops for easy storage and transportation of extra equipment such as ski poles. The bag is also compatible with a hydration bladder, which can be routed over or under the shoulder. Also featured are a zipped top pocket, a top mesh sleeve pocket and two zipped belt pockets, offering safe and secure storage for your kit.