Fenix HM 23

Fenix HM 23


£ 37.95

With virtually indestructible, light weight, rugged aluminium housing and 2 metre waterproof construction, the 1 x AA battery powered Fenix HM23 LED headlamp is ready for anything you can throw at it, and in the harshest environments. Equipped with a powerful Cree XP-G3 S3 Neutral-White LED, this single AA battery powered headlamp provides an impressive 240-lumen output with 53-metre beam distance.

Featuring three brightness levels, HM23 is a great choice for your night time adventures whether running, camping, hiking, climbing or for caving back up. Due to its ruggedness, Fenix HM23 LED headlamp is also a great choice for outdoor adventure centers and the tradesman's tool box for years of dependable use.

Fenix HM23 other features:

* Large single button operation provides easy access to 3 levels of brightness 4 lumens (100 hrs), 70 lumens (16 hrs) and 240 lumens (8 hrs) (Please note that output is ANSI tested and will step down from higher brightness as the battery weakens. See our ANSI page for details) * Comfortable silicone headlamp holder allows 180 degrees of vertical adjustment. Combined with low weight of only 43g without battery, HM23 is comfortable to wear for long periods * Reflective headband increases visibility at night for enhanced safety

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