Fenix E30R

Fenix E30R


£ 79.95

Fenix E30R is a compact Every Day Carry LED torch with extreme output and socket less magnetic charging facility.

With a max of 1600 lumens brightness from its small frame and a 203m beam, Fenix E30R can accompany you anywhere yet perform like a much larger torch. The included Fenix 3500 mAh 18650 battery charges in 3 hours from a mobile phone charger / power bank etc and provides the capacity for long run times across its 5 brightness levels. E30R can also use 2 x CR123 batteries in an emergency (Please don't attempt to recharge CR123 batteries). The light is operated by a single button which features a built-in 4 level battery indicator to keep the user informed of remaining charge.

Fenix E30R is only 99mm long and weighs just 51g without battery. The balanced spot and flood beam created by an ultra-thin optical lens offers a great mix of light output for close to mid distance working.

Fenix E30R other features:

* Electronic switch lock out to prevent accidental activation * Mechanical switch cover (rotate pocket clip over button) * 5 brightness settings plus strobe * Waterproof 2m depth * Intelligent overheat protection reduces output to protect the torch. When the surface temperature reaches 65c output will step down by 5% every 10 seconds until 350 lumens is reached. When the surface temperature drops, Turbo mode can be re activated.

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