Dynastar Speed Zone 05 skis inc Xpress 10 binding


£ 299.00

The Dynastar Speed Zone 05 is aimed at intermediate to beginner skiers. It merges its smooth, on-trail performance with a short, easy turn shape for the most comfortable and fluid carving sensation. The Powerdrive Inside construction offers a balanced, natural flex for more comfortable and accessible on-trail precision and edge grip. Early Rise tip rocker eases turn initiation for playful, energetic carving performance. Great for the skier looking to improve.

POWERDRIVE INSIDE Combining Dynastars Active Wood Core construction and visco elastomer inserts, their POWERDRIVE INSIDE construction enhances shearing between core materials, providing a smoother, more natural flex for more comfort, precision, and control.

CAP CONSTRUCTION skis are nimble, lightweight, and more resistant to chipping. Instead of adding extra sidewall material, the top sheet and laminate materials wrap the core of the ski from edge-to-edge. ACTIVE AIR CORE 370g / core A new, lower density composition of polyurethane offers substantial weight savings (-70g per core). Used alone, or combined with wood or microcell to reduce weight and enhance performance specific to the product. TIP ROCKER CONSTRUCTION CAP TAIL DIMENSION 108MM WAIST WIDTH 74MM TIP WIDTH 125MM RADIUS 13M (174)