Craghoppers Craghoppers started making clothes specifically designed for the outdoors back in 1965. A group of guys in West Yorkshire were planning to climb Everest and wanted gear to withstand the harshest of conditions, so they researched and designed fabrics that would protect them from the extreme cold. All their preparation paid off as they successfully reached the summit of Everest. This was the birth of Craghoppers.

So this is our heritage, and based in Manchester, we have continued to develop fabrics and clothes designed to protect our customers, whether the conditions are very hot, or, very cold.

However, we're not a group of people satisfied to sit on our laurels, we're passionate about pushing the boundaries of fabric technology, being innovative is in our DNA. We recognise that nowadays people have much greater access to travel, all over the world, and at all times of the year. We like to think that whether you're walking in Scotland, watching polar bears in the Arctic, or trampling through the rain forest, we have designed an appropriate set of gear.

We're also proud to be working with Bear Grylls in producing a range of clothes based on the design of his very own gear that he uses in extreme conditions. Our innovation and expertise, coupled with Bear's thirst for adventure, have proved to be a rewarding and successful partnership.

Everything we do is a result of our shared passion for travel and the outdoors. We live to travel, and use our knowledge to make sure our products are the best they can possibly be for our customers.